The most hated man in the San Fernando Valley! Introducing Jerry Wolfert of North Hollywood, California: Film maker, Small Business Owner, Self-Published Novelist, Restauranteur, Racketeer, Religious Prodigy turned Occult Practitioner, and purveyor of Lambrusco Dom Biance Sparkling Red Wine (“The Moonshine of Napa!”) — A panoply of contradictions. But before all that he was just another Hollywood nobody with delusions of grandeur.
written by Dakota Rose & Christopher Ford directed by Dakota Rose choreographed by Chloe Kernaghan designed by Dakota Rose & Christopher Ford sound designed by Alex Hawthorn featuring Shannon Holt Chloe Kernaghan Andrew R. Butler Rebeca Miller Derek Smith Michelle Uranowitz Jaime Wright photography by Anna Kooris
Wolfert was originally presented, and jointly produced, with Dixon Place in New York City.

Full Video of Wolfert