quadrilogy The White Stag
In the land of impossible plots, Jerry Wolfert became a genre unto himself: war vet, turned occult priest, turned self published novelist, turned pariah. With his ex-wife and an assortment of old pals in supporting roles, the surprises continued when he reinvented himself as a filmmaker. This is the story behind the making of Wolfert’s four part cinematic triumph, The White Stag Quadrilogy--when the dark prince of North Hollywood moves into the ranks of the mythic. Scandal, sex, obsession and North Hollywood — the story behind the making of Jerry Wolfert’s never-before-seen, four-part cinematic triumph.
The White Stag Quadrilogy was originally presented, and jointly produced, with Dixon Place in New York City. written by Dakota Rose & Christopher Ford directed by Dakota Rose choreographed by Chloe Kernaghan designed by Dakota Rose & Christopher Ford featuring Andrew R. Butler as Jerry F. Wolfert Rebeca Miller as Pearl Wolfert, nee Slanton Derek Smith as Earl Slanton Michelle Uranowitz as Michele Slanton Jaime Wright as "Boots"

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