The hole story

Agatha Carrot’s Burrow is thrown into chaos with the revelation that prodigal daughter Hollyhock Carrot was found dead below the cliffs of Pismo Beach. Barricading in her burrow her 13th litter, a butler with a secret, a shadowy new maid and an unknown rabbit, Agatha attempts to get answers regarding her daughter’s mysterious death but ends up uncovering much more. The Hole Story is a murder, mystery, musical about a rabbit warren in Pismo Beach California that’s spun like an episode of Columbo, twists into a myth about the scapegoat and winds up not being about rabbits at all. Loosely based on Ursula K. LeGuin’s short story The One’s Who Walk Away From Omelas, the moral philosophy of William James, and the Agatha Christie cannon, The Hole Story asks the question what is the individual’s moral responsibility once they realize they’re living in a violently unjust society. The Hole Story is written by Christopher Ford & Dakota Rose with music and lyrics by Andrew R. Butler.
DEVELOPMENT In April 2019 OTR did a week long developmental workshop of The Hole Story at Ars Nova which culminated in an invited reading. The reading was, Directed by Dakota Rose Music Direction by Alex Goldie Golden Stage Managed by Chiara Johnson and Featured Andrew R. Butler* as Roy Bunny Rebeca Miller* as Ursula von Flopsy Larry Owens* as Alan Yvangelista Cristina Pitter* as Agatha Carrot Derek Smith as Larry Carrot Jordan Tyson* as Ruty Carrot Michelle Uranowitz as Gigi Carrot
Ars Nova, Arpil 2019, the workshop cast sings Diggers' Quintet 54 Below, January 2020, MiMi Scardulla sings Forbidden Love