The Scottish Play with a Tennessee Twang! The mean Story of three mischievous witches, a couple of dumb as dirt Scottish Thanes, and one broken man led down the road of corruption by a loose and untamed woman!


McBeth was performed at the Connelly Theatre in NYC--2010.  Written by William Shakespeare Teleplay by Christopher Ford & Dakota Rose Directed by Dakota Rose Scenic Design by Christopher Ford Lighting & Sound by Chantel Pascente Costume Designed by Annie Tippe Choreography by Chloe Kernaghan Music Direction by Gary Keenan Stage Managed by Bridget Waterhouse Publicity by Charles Varga Featuring John Boonin, Andrew Butler, Daniella Chai, James Clark, Jenny Donoghue, Claire Downs, Amada Grah, Alex Kveton, Andrews Landsman, Rebeca Miller, Blake Rohus, Aaron Schroeder, Evan Watkins, Danny Wood